Seigaiha (青海波)

Did you enjoy your summer holidays?
Perhaps many of you might have chosen the sea for the holiday destination....

This motif represents waves coming closer to the seashore and it is called Seigaiha (literally means blue wave of the sea).
It was used in China to depict the sea on ancient maps.
In Japan there was an artist in the Genroku Era (1688-1704) known as Seikai Kanshichi was fond of this pattern and used it in many of his works and it was also the main pattern on a costume for a gagaku performance to a song called Seigaiha.

Since the sea is a source of life and its waves are repeated without changing shape, it is a luck motif that will bring good fortune and prosperity to all the family many times over.

Seigaiha seems to tend to be considered as a more summer-oriented motif, but it is also a geometric motif which has no season of its own and thus can be worn throughout the year.

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